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Brand new Amazon Store Now Open

Good morning Insomniacs,

Insomniacs website, is now officially Amazon Affiliate approved. Meaning that Users now have the ability to safely buy items from Amazon directly via the Insomniacs website.

We are always being asked, what products are best, from Andoid boxes, Firestick devices, to Wireless remote controls. We are now able to add products to the website directly from Amazon. Aswel as recommended items.

This is another amazing feature, which has now been added to the website under the ‘Store’ menu. And Users will now be able to also purchase items directly from the Build(s)

How does the Amazon store work?..

The Amazon store, works exactly the same as it does on Amazon. There is no extra costs, or hidden charges. As soon as a User clicks on any Amazon item, you will then be directed to the official Amazon website, as normal. The Store is an affiliates system. Users can search items, on the Insomniacs Website, aswel as having easy access to all the items we recommend. There is currently 4 Categories in the Store:

  1. Android DevicesAndroid Devices, Firesticks, and other Android accessories..
  2. Bluetooth Accessories –  Bluetooth Devices, Wireless Controls and much more..
  3. TV & Accessories –  TV’s, Leads, Music systems, and much more..
  4. Our other Picks – Other miscellaneous items, Firestick Ethernet cables, PC’s. and much more..


At the moment, we are just trialling the Store, to see how it goes, Which means sadly, that these features are only available to Users in the UK, Ireland, and the US.  (As most of our Users are from the UK & US)

Where is the Amazon Store?…

The Amazon store is very easy to access. Just visit the website Homepage and you will see the ‘Store’ menu as shown below:

As shown and highlighted above, you will see the Store menu, with 2 options: UK Store & US Store.

Once you are on the Store, you can either Browse the Categories, which look like the image below:

Or you can use the ‘Search function, as shown below:


As soon as you search for an item, or click to see an item, you will then be directed to the Amazon official website.

And that is basically it…


We hope that Users enjoy the new Amazon Store. If you would like to visit the Store from this page, please click the Banner below:

US Store                                                                                   UK Store





What do you get out of adding the Amazon Store?

Insomniacs always has, and always will be 100% Free for all Users. We don’t accept donations, or any other form of payment. And never will.  Aswel as putting a lot of hard work into the Wizard. Builds, and most recently the website, it has also been quite costly. Aswel as the Theme, Premium plugins, and the custom work to provide all of the new features, there is also monthly costs, for the servers, aswel as API costs. By adding the Amazon store, we are hoping that it will help us a little towards the costs of the Servers. When a User buys from Amazon, via the Insomniacs website, we will receive a small referral percentage, from Amazon. Which will go towards the up-keep of the Website and Servers.


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