Good morning all, Some Users, have been asking, if we can post some Ivue TV-Guide ”How to Guides” Well, here is the full official Tutorials, directly from Ivue’s Youtube Channel. The Ivue TV-Guide, and Ivue creator, is an amazing all round Guide, with many, many features. Here is just a few of them: Multiple Skins, […]

Good Morning, There is nothing more annoying, when looking for content, to watch, than a pairing notificaion, keep popping up, asking you to pair your device. (As Shown Below) In this post, I am going to show you, just how easy it is, to stop this from happening. The first thing you need to do, […]

Good evening all, There has been a few Users who have been struggling to set up their Debrid, on the Builds. In this post, i will do a step by step guide, on how best to set up your Debrid. The same applies, for all Builds, but for this guide only, i am using the […]