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Confirmed Movie's Due For Release In September 2019: Insomniacs have put together a collection of Movie's which have been confirmed for release in September 2019. Please click on any of the Movies, to get the Movie Overview, release date, the official trailer(s), Cast, or to add the Movie to your Movie Watchlist. - Please note: [...]

Good Morning, Want to know what TV-Series and Shows are due to be released, or returning, in August 2019.? Check out all the latest Netflix Series, Amazon Prime Series, Hulu, ITV, BBC, and many more… The website already has some amazing categories, for TV-Show’s. 2019 releases, New & Returning, Coming Soon, Netflix, Amazon Prime, just […]

Good Evening, In this post, I will be showing you how easy it is to create your very own personal TV Series/Shows watchlist. This is a great feature for anyone who is into TV Series, wheter it be on Kodi, Neetflix, Amazon Prime, or any other methiod, whatever you prefer to use, you can gain […]

Good Evening all, As most regular Insomniacs website visitors will have already noticed, the website has undergone quite a lot of updates, aswel as many Movies and TV-Shows have been added to the website, and it is updated daily. Aswel as being able to use the website for ‘How to’ Guides, Sports, Watch Movies and […]

Good afternoon all, Great news, for all Kodi 18 Users, both Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds have now been updated. And are now available for Users to update. (29th July) All Insomniacs Builds are constantly kept up to date, to ensure that Users can have a fully functional and working Build continuously. If you notice that […]

We’re now officially halfway through 2019, and the great films just keep on coming. From franchise favorites to under-the-radar gems — of both the fiction and non-fiction variety — this year has been a memorable year in relation to Movie releases. And we wanted to highlight the Movies which have become very popular on the […]

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