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Having issues with ‘No Streams Available’??? The reason some Users are experiencing this issue, is because their URLResolver and ResolveURL Cache is full. When you run the ‘Cleanup Build’ Under the Wizard-Hub, aswel as clearing out Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails, it also clears out the Resolvers Cache, when this reaches exceeded amount, it causes an […]

Good Evening all, A lot has been going on with the Insomniacs Website, and the Wizard, over the last few months. But we are very happy, to now release the new Sports TV Schedule. The new Sports TV Schedule is a great adition to the website, and will be very handy for all Sports fans, […]

Good Afternoon, Welcome to the Support section of the website. If any User needs any kind of Support please use the ‘Request Support‘ section of the website. Please Click Here To Open A Support Ticket  The ‘Request Support’ section can be found, under the Insomniacs website menu, or the ‘My Account’ website menu. When any Support […]

Good Evening Insomniacs, The Insomniacs APK Installer, has just been updated, with all the best, and most popular APKS. APK’s are basically Apps, which are compatible for Android/Firestick devices. And the good thing is, Using the Insomniacs Wizard, not only gives you access to the best Apps available, but they can also be Installed with […]

Afternoon Insomniacs, Great news, for our Kodi 18 Users. We have now released an Insomniacs 18.1 APK Version, which is now available to download & Install to Insomniacs Users. Below, We will add instructions, on how to Install the new Insomniacs-18 APK. Also, the new Insomniacs 18 APK, will be avilable on Dr Venture’s FileLinked. […]

Good evening Insomniacs, Nothing is more annoying than buffering, watching a Movie/Show, or even music on Youtube, and that spinning circle keeps appearing. I know, when i first started using Kodi, this was the one thing which frustrated me the most. (Aswel as finding a Build, which would work well longer than just a week) […]

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