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Best Apps Of The Month – May 2019

Good Afternoon Insomniacs,

We at Insomniacs have been testing out different Apps/Apks for our Users, and the team put together each Month the best Apps out there. All the best Apps are available using the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. The Insomniacs APK-Installer covers Apps, which are for Sports, Live-TV, Movies, TV-Shows, Series, Firestick/Fire-TV, and much more…

This Month we have tested all of the Apps/Apks from the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer, and have come up with a couple of the best Apps which we recommend at the moment.

App of the Month for Movies & TV-Shows. 

Titanium TV AppTitanium TV App, is an amazing App for watching all your Movies and TV-Shows.. Out of all of the Movies and TV-Shows Apps, we found Titanium TV to be the best at the moment, this App is super easy to use, and each Movie or TV-Show selected was working flawlessly with 1080p Links, and all attempts worked first time, without any issues.

Movies and TV-Shows on Titanium TV: The Titanium TV App, works flawlessly, when clicking on any of the Movies or TV-Shows we tried to watch. It showed the most links out of all of the Movie & TV-Show Apps, and has a cool ‘Favorites’ option for any of the Movies and TV-Shows. So is super easy to create your own favorite(s) lists. The Titanium App, has everything you need when wanting a Movies & TV-Show App.

Please remember, you can install the Titanium App, very easily with the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. Click here for the full step by step guide on ‘How To Install the Titanium Apk’

Also you can easily access all your Installed Apps or Apks, when using the Insomniacs Builds, by clicking ‘Android Apps’ under the Add-Ons section of any of the Builds… You can also very easily customize your Build and add the Titanium App to your Build, under Movies or TV-Shows section. Click here for the full step by step Guide on how to customize your Build.

App of the Month for Live-TV & Sports TV:

Live-Lounge Sports & Live-TV App – The Live-Lounge is a must-have App for all devices. And is an incredible, and relibale App for all of your Live-TV & Sports content, and needs… This App has it all covered. From World IPTV, to all the Live Sports channels possible..

For a full description on what this App offers, please click this link. Which shows you everything you need to know about the Live-Lounge App. The Live-Lounge App is fantastic for all you Live-TV & Sports Junkies… We all know, that it has become more and more difficult for Sports and Live-TV Kodi Add-Ons to keep going, this is a great alternative, if you want to add a good App to your Kodi Build, then we highly recommend this App. It covers World IPTV, Sports IPTV, Movies, and TV-Shows. But please remember that this App will only work when you have the MX-Player installed. It WILL NOT work without the MX-Player being installed. The Insomniacs also has this covered, and Users of the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer can install the MX-Player in the Miscellaneous section of the APK-Installer. Click here for the full step by step guide, on how to install the MX-Player Pro.

So the Titanium App and  the Live-Lounge App are the Insomniacs Apps of the Month for May 2019.

Please also remember, that you can also use these Apps, along with some of the Insomniacs Website’s features. Below I will list some of the great Insomniacs Website functions and how they can help you.

Insomniacs Website functions to help with the Titanium App:

Movies & TV-Shows Feature(s)

  • Movies – Check out all the latest Movie’s which are released around the world, from ‘In The Theatre’, ‘Coming Soon’, ‘Netflix Movies’, to ‘Most Popular’ & Many, Many more… On every Movie listing, you can check out the Movie Overview, Official Trailers, Cast & Crew, Release dates, aswel as other Users Ratings & Reviews, and much more..
  • TV-Shows – The TV-Shows/Series, are very similar to how the Movies work, with the Collections, Overviews, Official Trailers, Cast, Other Users Ratings & Reviews, aswel as Trailers, overviews and info for each Season released.
  • Create your very own Movie & TV-Show Watchlists – Users can create their Very own Movies Watchlists, and TV-Show’s Watchlist. On each listing, there is a ‘Add to Favorite’ option. When you click the ‘Add To Favorite’ it will then add that Movie/Show to your Watchlist. You can access your Watchlists on the ‘My Account’ page of the website. (Please note: You must be logged into the website to access these functions)

Insomniacs Website functions to help with the Live-Lounge App:

  • UK & US Live-TV Schedule – The Insomniacs Website has a great UK & US Live-TV Schedule. Which Auto-Updates daily, to show all the Best of ‘What’s On’ the box today. To Access the UK & US Live-TV Schedule, simply, click the Live-TV Section of the website. Here is direct links: UK Live-TV Schedule | US Live-TV Schedule.
  • Sports Live-TV-Schedule – This is an amazing feature for all Sports fans. The Insomniacs Sports TV-Schedule, Show all Sporting Events, which are being broadcasted today, with which channels are broadcasting that Sporting game or event. If the Game or Event isn’t listed, then it simply isn’t being broadcasted on any Sports Live-TV Channel. This function also Auto-Updates on a daily basis, and gives Sports fans, a great indication of what games are being broadcasted today, and which Channels to watch them on, with the time of the event, and any other info needed. To check out the Insomniacs Sports TV-Schedule Click Here.
  • Sports Section – The Insomniacs Sports section covers every Sport, League, Team & Player… If you want to check out your favorite Club, League, or Player profiles, then your sure to find it in the Insomniacs Sports section. Future Fixtures, Club History, New Shirt/Kit releases, Tables and much more.. Insomniacs has it all covered. To check out the Sports section, please click here.

Insomniacs Website & Wizard/Builds, do our best to give Users everything they need. Not just within the Builds, and by keeping the Builds well updated, but also by supplying a Website, where Users can find everything they need. From ‘How-To’ Guides, to Entertainment, or Support, we provide all of these functions and features, within the Official Insomniacs Website..

Let us know what you think of these Apps, or the website functions:

Please feel free to comment below, with your thoughts or opinions on the Apps/Apks listed above. Let us or other Users know what you think of these Apps. By commenting below. Please Note: Do NOT comment below with any Support Comments, as we only offer Support via the Users ‘Request Support’ Which can be found under the ‘Insomniacs’ section of the website. Or click here to open a Support Ticket.

Please Note: We do not offer Support via the comment section of this website, if you require any support, then please use the Insomniacs ‘Request Support’ function, which can be found under the ‘Insomniacs’ Menu of this website. Only comment below, with anything to do with the Titanium TV App. Thank-You.




Disclaimer: Insomniacs does not host and is in no way associated with any Apps/Apk’s. Listed on this website. All information on the Insomniacs Website, is what is already wideley available on the internet. If you have an issue with Titanium TV App, then please contact the creator/Host/Website of the developer of this App.

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