Add-Ons Loading Content Slowly? – Quick, Easy Fix

Hello all,

I have noticed recently that when I am trying to watch a Movie or TV-Show on most Add-ons, that when i click a category, or a Movie or TV-Show, it’s literally taking minutes for the sources and links to load.

Why is it taking so long for Add-Ons to load Movies and Shows??..

Most scraper Add-Ons now, like Exodus Redux, Venom, Numbers, just to name a few have introduced torrent scrapers in their settings. Which all come with them Pre-Enabled. – This has been something which has baffled me recently, so i thought that I would have a mess with the settings to try and sort it out. And found the solution.

The issue with the delay in loading isn’t with the Insomniacs Builds, it’s down to the settings in the Add-Ons themself. Many Add-On developers have recently introduced using Torrent Scrapers aswel, which d help with the amount of links or sources you get, but it significantly affects the load time. Especially when you click on a Movie, or Series, and wait for the box to load with the sources..

How do I fix the slow loading of particular Add-Ons?..

You need to go to the Add-On settings for the Add-On that is taking a long time to load content, and untick the ‘Enable Torrent Scrapers‘ setting.

Below,I will show you how to quickly disable this setting, which will significantly improve the load times.. For this guide only, I will be using the ‘Numbers’ Add-On. But the same applies for all other scraper Add-Ons, like Exodus Redux, Venom, Tempest etc…  You will need to do the same for each Add-On, you want to disable the setting on. To disable the Torrent Scraper setting, please do the following:

  • Go to ‘Video Add-Ons‘ – (Under the Add-Ons section)
  • Highlight ‘Numbersor the Add-On you want to change the setting on.
  • Hold the ‘OK‘ button, on your remote and then press the ‘Settings‘ option.
  • Go to the ‘playback‘ tab on the left hand side of the settings for that Add-On.
  • Scroll across, and ‘Untick‘ the ”Enable Torrent Scrapers‘ option.
  • Now scroll across and click on ‘OK‘ to save this setting.

And that’s it. You will no longer have loading issues with that Add-On. It literally takes seconds. And once you have done it once, it will just come naturally, whenever you need to disable any other Torrent Scrapers.

I found that this makes a huge, huge difference, in loading content, and the norml scrapers usually have more than enough links to load plenty of sources…

I thought that I would share this with other Insomniacs and Kodi Users. As Users will be experiencing this issue, whether you use a Build or not. As most scraper Add-Ons come with this enabled by default, when Installing the Add-On.

Did this post help you? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank-You for reading my post.

The Insomniacs Team.