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400+ New TV-Shows added to the website

Good Afternoon Insomniacs,

Over 400 new TV-Shows have been added to the Website, and more are continuously being added daily.

Some new features, are in the TV-Show listings, which are not avilable for Movies. Aswel as you being able to create your very own personal TV-Show Watchlist. There is also other things you can benefit from, within the TV-Show listings. Seasons, Cast, Reviews and more… It also shows the release dates, or if new Seasons are about to start, it will give information on all of this.

Users can search for any Movies, TV-Show, or News article  in the Search box.  For this guide only, i will search for Game of Thrones TV Series as shown below


Using the search function, is a quick way of finding a particular Movie/Show. But you can also browse the Genre’s and Collections in the TV-Shows Menu. As shown below, the TV-Series im looking for has been found:


Once you open the TV listing, you will see similar to the screen shown below:


You can also see a ‘Favorite’ option, on every Movie/Series/TV Listing. If you click the ‘Favorite’ it will then highlight it, and add it to your TV-Shows Watchlist. As shown below:


You will also see multiple Tabs: Seasons, Media etc etc… If you click the Seasons Tab, it will show you how many Seasons have been released. Not only that, but it will also give a small description Overview for each Season. As shown below:


If you click the Media Tab. You will then be able to see, and watch the Official Trailers, for each Season. As shown below:


You can also Rate & Review the Movie/Show on the ‘Review’ tab as shown below:



By posting a Review, if you have seen the Movie or Show, it gives other Users a little insight into what the Movie/Show is about.


There is now plenty, of TV-Shows, Series, and Movies added to the website, and with 400 new TV-Shows being added, aswel as new listings added on a daily basis. You can be assured, the latest, and best Movies/Shows will be available on the website.